Boyle Construction

About Us


The Boyle Mark of Quality

Our company logo is derived from the ancient Boyle family crest, a shield with an oak tree. Simplified geometrically to give it an architectonic character, the Boyle shield became our logo to serve as a symbol of our firm’s commitment to quality and building a better product for our clients. Boyle gold represents generosity; green signifies hope, joy, and loyalty; black stands for constancy; orange means worthwhile ambition; and the oak tree, well, it symbolizes endurance and strength. The Boyle shield logo expresses our firm’s vision:

We are generous with our clients, employees, and community. As a family business, we treat our clients and employees as we wish to be treated – as members of our family and our greater community. Boyle’s goal is to collaborate with our clients to attain their project goals. Likewise, we also want our 60+ employees to be happy. So, we provide a productive and enjoyable place to work with challenging projects. We also give back to our community through monetary and in-kind donations, event sponsorships, charity volunteering and participation, and building facilities that serve our community.

Boyle is loyal to our clients. We hope to bring our clients joy by providing them quality facilities in an honest and professional manner. Over 85% of our annual work comes from repeat clients, and we are very proud of that, and all of the great relationships that we have built and continue to foster.

As for the constancy, worthwhile ambition, endurance, and strength, well what else can you say about a firm that has been around for 40 years? A firm, especially a construction firm with highly visible end results, does not last for decades unless it is doing something right. Boyle provides quality construction management services. We help our clients conceptualize, plan, manage, and safely build their construction projects, and we do it in a friendly team atmosphere from Day 1™.

Our family crest and shield logo represent our standards and aspirations. And our mantra Built Better means exactly that — quality construction services for 40 years and counting.

The Boyle Story

In 1977, Anthony Boyle and George Moore incorporated Boyle & Moore, Inc. as a general construction firm. Their founding belief was that clients deserve service first and foremost. With the growth of design-build and construction management in the 1980s, the firm grew as did its services. By 1985, Tony became the sole owner, and Boyle Associates was created and continued to flourish over the next decade, as Tony would say, “Better Built By Boyle”. In 1998, Tony’s son, Sean, was named president, taking over the family business. Subsequently, in 2001, we designed our new shield logo and created our corporate brand, becoming Boyle Construction, Inc.

For 40 years strong now, and growing, Tony’s original “clients deserve service first and foremost” still permeates the entire Boyle organization. With integrated state-of-the-art technology and skilled and personable staff, Boyle provides personal attention to you and your specific project requirements. You can count on every Boyle project to be Built Better — right from Day 1™.