Boyle Construction

Boyle Leadership Team

Nikki Cuocco Assistant Project Manager

  • Professional Experience

    Nikki joined Boyle Construction in 2012, after working at General Supply Company for 21 years. Nikki has worked in many construction industry roles over her 25 years in the industry, starting with Receptionist and Billing Clerk and working her way up to Project Manager at General Supply. As Project Manager, Nikki handled contracts, procured shop drawings, ordered materials, conducted client meetings, and organized monthly billing. She also coordinated projects, so that they finished on time and under budget. She settled problems with vendors and also educated new employees in various roles.

    Nikki’s Boyle duties include assisting the Project Managers with all aspects of running a construction job, including estimating take offs, negotiating and purchasing subcontracts, scheduling tasks, and conducting project meetings through project completion and punch list. Nikki is our point person for organizing and managing the bid process for all jobs, ensuring its efficiency and accuracy. She also administers grant and special funding documentation.

  • Training and Continuing Education
    • Associate’s Degree, Churchman’s Business School
    • Seminars in construction industry upcoming products
    • Seminars on code updates and changes