Boyle Construction

Boyle Construction

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Lehigh University Various Projects


Lehigh University
Contact Name
Multiple Facilities Services/Campus Planning & Projects Personnel
Multiple Architects and Engineers
Construction Management, General Contractor
Final Cost
$5,354,800 to date
Project Completion Date

Project Description

Since 2004, Boyle has provided construction management and general contractor services for projects across Lehigh University’s multiple campuses, including:

  • Team Halftime Building – 2015, new 3,000 SF block and wood frame team half-time building featuring locker rooms, benches, restrooms and storage, $294,700
  • Packard Lab MeM Shop Renovation – 2015, renovation of 5,500 SF Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics (MeM) Department Shop in the Packard Laboratory building, including removing walls and creating a new shop as one large room and one small office with new power distribution, lighting, ventilation, plumbing, fire protection and finishes, $429,700
  • Goodman Stadium Fieldhouse HVAC Renovations – 2016, renovated the Fieldhouse’s mechanical room and replaced three heating and ventilating units, $348,580
  • Kappa Delta Sorority House – 2014, transformed a campus building into a new, 13,000 SF sorority house with full living facilities, $189,700
  • Taylor House Residence Hall – 2015, complete renovation of 37,424 SF residence hall with new finishes throughout and three new kitchens, $638,278
  • New Campus Police Station – 2016, new, state-of-the-art, 12,000 SF campus Police Station with conference and training rooms, evidence and processing areas, interview rooms and an armory, $3,453,848