Boyle Construction

Boyle Construction

Project Profile

The Stock House: Bethlehem Landing Visitor’s Center

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

City of Bethlehem
Contact Name
Former Mayor John Callahan
USA Architects
Wallace, Roberts & Todd/WRT
Brinjac Engineering
Agency Construction Management
Construction Start Date
January 2011
Project Completion Date
Summer 2012

Project Description

The original Bethlehem Steel Stock House was given new life as the Bethlehem Landing Visitor’s Center, a comfortable first stop for tourists to the City of Bethlehem. The historically-renovated Visitor’s Center’s two-story open plan offers amenities on the first floor and office space on the second floor mezzanine. Large floor-to-ceiling windows present a dramatic view of the blast furnaces and 21st Century Plaza.

Built in 1863 for the old Bethlehem Iron Company, the Stock House is the historic Bethlehem Steel site’s oldest remaining building. The original stone and mortar exterior walls contain the new two-level interior; an elevator and stairwell were attached on the north-western corner. The design retained the industrial era character.

Boyle Construction renovated the Stock House to stringent historical standards. All exterior windows and doors were recreated from 1909 Bethlehem Steel drawings, and only historically-appropriate materials (such as hydraulic lime mortar vs. Portland-type cement) were used. To be completely accurate to the original facility, many of the window arches and doorways were painstakingly deconstructed and then rebuilt by stonemasons.

At one point in its varied history, the Stock House was connected to the Hoover Mason Trestle, so train cars carrying fuel for the blast furnaces could travel on its roof. The trestle was also carefully disconnected and the original roof line restored.

The Stock House at Bethlehem Landing Visitor’s Center is an important part of the adaptive reuse of the former Bethlehem Steel facility, the country’s largest brownfield site.