Boyle Construction

Boyle Construction

Project Profile

Lehigh County Detoxification Center

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Lehigh County
Contact Name
Mr. Timothy Bollinger, General Services Manager (Formerly Mr. Glenn Solt, Director of General Services)
L.R. Kimball
Maser Consulting, P.A.
Agency Construction Management
Public procurement, multi prime, 5 - Prime contractors
CM Services Start Date
April 2012
Construction Start Date
September 2012
Project Completion Date
April 2013

Project Description

With a total construction cost of $3.5 million, this residential facility enables local drug and alcohol treatment for 700 patients a year. The 12,000 SF building contains a total of 31 beds for residents. Some of the beds are medically-monitored rooms for detoxification; others are dormitory-style rooms for rehabilitation.

The single-story brick and mineral board façade building also features meeting rooms, staff offices, common spaces and an outdoor recreation area.